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Taking Nutritional Supplements

Why buy multivitamins?

We all know that a varied, balanced diet supports our well-being but our busy lifestyles sometimes make it hard to be sure we're getting all the vitamins and minerals we need. A daily boost from a multivitamin is the choice of thousands of people wanting to support their health.

Supplements – what are the advantages?

People take nutritional supplements for all kinds of reasons:
• Preventative- e.g. Vitamin C is known to support your immune system.
• Therapeutic- e.g. Iron reduces tiredness and fatigue
• Maintenance- e.g. Magnesium contributes to the maintenance of normal bones and teeth.

Natures Way for licensed herbal medicines!

A number of botanical extracts have been used traditionally to relieve a number of ailments and symptoms such as joint pain, stress, colds & flu and disturbed sleep. These Licensed Herbal Medicines are a popular alternative to prescription medicines and are sold by Nature's Way with a full license from the MHRA.