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FlexiHerb Tablets

About this product:

Devil’s Claw root extract 600mg. 40 tablets.

Traditionally used for:

  • Back Pain
  • Rheumatic Pain
  • Muscular Pain
  • Joint Pain


A traditional herbal medicinal product used for the relief of aches and pains in muscles and joints exclusively based upon long-standing use as a traditional remedy. Always read the label.

    Click here to view the Patient Information Leaflet for this product, with full dosage,possible interactions and guidance notes.


    Herbal Medicines are regulated in the UK by the MHRA.  Only buy from registered suppliers.  Click here to see our official approval.

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    Adults and the elderly


    Take 1 tablet twice daily – the dose can be increased to 2 tablets twice daily if you do not obtain relief after 3-5 days.


    Take one dose in the morning and one dose in the evening. You can take the tablets with or without food. Swallow the tablets whole with some water or other liquid. Do not chew the tablets.


    Do not exceed the stated dose.


    Each film-coated tablet contains 600mg of a dry aqueous extract of Devil’s Claw root (Harpagophytum procumbens) (equivalent to 900-1500mg of Devil’s Claw root)


    This product also contains the following ingredients:

    Powdered cellulose, lactose monohydrate, sodium starch glycolate (Type A), silica colloidal anhydrous, magnesium stearate, sucrose, titanium dioxide (E171), hypromellose, microcrystalline cellulose, stearic acid.

    If you have been told by your doctor that you have an intolerance to some sugars, contact your doctor before taking this product. Each film-coated tablet contains 170mg of lactose and 20mg of sucrose.

    Each pack contains 40 or 60 film-coated tablets. Not all pack sizes may be marketed.


    DO NOT TAKE this product if you:


    • have a stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer
    • are lactose-intolerant (react badly to lactose or milk)
    • are pregnant or breastfeeding
    • are allergic to any of the ingredients (see ingredients)
    • are under 18 years of age


    Tell your doctor before taking this product if you have:


    • an intolerance to some sugars (see ingredients)
    • your joint pain is accompanied by swelling of the joint, redness or fever.


    If you take too much of this product (overdose)


    If you take more than the recommended dose, speak to a doctor, pharmacist or healthcare practitioner and take this leaflet with you.


    If you forget to take this product


    Continue to take your usual dose at the usual time, it does not matter if you have missed a dose.


    If you have any questions, or are unsure about anything, please ask your doctor, pharmacist or healthcare practitioner.


    Possible Side-effects


    Like all medicines, this product can have side-effects. These are listed below.


    Common side-effects (affecting approximately 1 in 20 people)

    • nausea or feeling sick
    • diarrhoea
    • abdominal pain
    • headache, dizziness
    • mild allergic skin reactions, itching and/or rash of the skin

    If these persist for more than a few days, or become troublesome, stop taking this product. These common side-effects are often only temporary. 


    Stop taking this product immediately if you experience any allergic skin reaction.


    Other side-effects


    Devil’s Claw may make you feel dizzy. If you are affected do not drive or operate machines.


    Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you notice any other side-effect.


    You can help to make medicines safer by reporting any side-effects to the Yellow Card Scheme at Alternatively you can get a paper Yellow Card form from your GP’s surgery or pharmacy, or call Freephone0808 100 3352 (available 10am–2pm Monday –Friday).


    You must speak to a qualified healthcare practitioner if your symptoms worsen,if they do not improve after eight weeks, or if side-effects not mentioned in thisleaflet occur.


    How to store this product


    Do not use your tablets after the expiry date.

    Return any out-of-date tablets to your pharmacist who will dispose of them for you. The expiry date is printed on the box and the blister pack.

    Store the tablets in a cool dry place.

    Do not store the tablets in a place where the temperature goes above 25°C.

    Keep the tablets out of the reach and sight of children.

    Keep your tablets in the blister pack until it is time to take them.

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